What to Expect

After being warmly welcomed to our practice, 

We will request that you complete a “wee” bit of paperwork. We’ll then meet with you to discuss your specific health concerns and goals, and find out how we might best be of help.

Once we’ve reviewed your current health picture, as well as where you’d like to go health wise, we will then recommend what services best suit your wants and needs.

Some of these services might include a highly specific spinal x-ray study so we have a “blueprint” of any spinal/structural imbalances that might be at the root cause of any pain, discomfort or postural issues. These films are digital and are reviewed immediately with you so you can actually see what might be causing any spine related issues. These images help us to be certain that you are in the right place, and this information would assist in your decision about moving ahead under our care.

There are also those who consult with us whose spinal muscles have been “working overtime” for years, and their muscles are tense, spasming or full of knots. It might be beneficial for them to receive therapeutic massage or physical therapy here in our office in order to speed the achievement of a targeted spinal correction, or to assist with recovery from an injury.

Some people, who’ve been dealing with long term and/or severe pain might receive a referral to a pain management physician with whom we’ve worked closely, if they are demonstrating the need for some immediate relief of tenacious, debilitating pain, while we still set out to correct the underlying cause of that pain.

Once we’ve found the cause of your health concerns, and we’re confident that they can be appropriately addressed with the protocols we offer, most patients receive some level of care immediately, beginning the journey away from pain, discomfort and activity restrictions, toward optimal health and a healthier lifestyle.


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