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What Sets Us Apart

sets us apart

Our philosophy is one of helping each patient to help themselves. All that we do is based on a deep respect for your body’s innate healing capacity. Under our care, each patient will receive gentle, effective chiropractic care in an effort to help relieve pain, and work toward realigning the spine more toward its ideal positioning. We also teach each patient what they need to do at home or work to keep their spine, discs, nerves, and ligaments as healthy and properly aligned as possible, so one does not become forever dependent upon us, and their ability to adapt to daily stressors is optimized.
The care one receives with us is based on your wants and needs. Some people choose simply to come for a visit or two for some relief care, while others opt for more comprehensive care that will assist them in functioning at their personal best.
The services we offer will assist you to heal, prevent health issues and function at your best, which is the end result when the nerve system, the “wiring system” is as free of interference as possible. Every procedure we offer has this as its goal. Our hands-on, gentle approach is powerful, practical, affordable and extraordinarily safe.
We know that if chiropractic procedures are being performed properly, that no one should be under ongoing “corrective” care for life. That being said, due to life’s stresses and strains, or the requirements of what they ask of their bodies, some folks chose to come in from time to time for wellness care. Our goal is to empower each patient to become stronger and healthier so that they can function better each day, leading to more vibrant health, and improved quality of life. Most patients notice improvement within even just one, to a few visits with us.
For more in-depth, comprehensive spinal corrections, we utilize a revolutionary form of chiropractic care called The Pettibon System™, which enables us to quickly and effectively help patients, while also imbuing them with the knowledge to help themselves:

The Pettibon System™

The Pettibon System™ is a proven spine and posture correction methodology that, along with providing pain relief, works toward restoring normal spinal form and function. It is an extensively researched, viable alternative to physical therapy at times, and in many cases will eliminate the need for pain management, medication, and surgery.
Its documentable results are truly eye-opening. The two x-ray studies below demonstrate low back spinal improvement that was obtained in only a4 week period utilizing this method.
Through meticulous evaluation and comparison to researched biomechanical norms, a global postural and spinal strengthening care plan is tailor-made for each patient. Personalized programs are designed to restore, as closely as possible, your optimal spinal form and function. This ensures a decrease in related pain and symptoms, as well as a greater ability to prevent spine, disc, and nerve related issues, assisting your body to function at its very best.


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