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About Dr. Gilbert

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Franklin Gilbert

Dr. Franklin Gilbert is an experienced chiropractor treating patients at Central Park West Wellness. He offers a wide range of services to his patients in the Upper West Side of New York City.

Dr. Gilbert first discovered the field of chiropractic in the 1970s, when he was struggling with the effects of several vehicular, sports-related, and childhood injuries. Because chiropractic care helped him so much, he chose to become a chiropractor. According to Dr. Gilbert, chiropractic care gave him his life back.

While receiving chiropractic care, Dr. Gilbert discovered The Pettibon System and learned about its effectiveness firsthand. He continues to employ this system in his own facility. Early in his chiropractic education, he also studied under the legendary Dr. Pasquale Cerasoli of Brooklyn, where he learned skills and insights that he applies in practice.

After graduating from chiropractic college in 1979, Dr. Gilbert founded the practice now named Central Park West Wellness. His goal was to help others as he had been helped. His love for chiropractic stems from its basis on the body’s own ability to heal, as well as to prevent health issues and improve overall functioning. He also loves that chiropractic doesn’t take anything away from the body or add anything to it. Instead, it works to remove interferences that keep the body from functioning the way it should.

Dr. Gilbert’s primary objective as a practitioner is to identify issues that slow down healing and help his patients reach their full potential. Because he has dealt with pain and other physical problems himself, he has a great deal of compassion for every patient who comes to the clinic.


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