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Sports Injury Prevention & Care

Chiropractic, by its very nature, helps to prevent sports injuries by balancing the body’s bony frame and muscles, while also removing interference from the nerve (master) system. In this manner, there are less imbalanced forces to which the body has to adapt during physical activity, and a greater ability to adapt to the ones it must.

In a study performed in the State of Washington, competitive weight lifters were requested not to work out for one month. During this time, one specific chiropractic spinal restorative exercise was taught to them and then performed twice daily in an effort to help improve the neck’s normal shock absorbing curve. One month later, the vast majority of the weight lifters were able to lift more weight than they could before they’d suspended their workouts! This is but one example of how, an even minimal degree of chiropractic care can improve one’s performance in sport, by bringing the body closer to its ideal level of functioning.

In those situations where one has clearly gone beyond the body’s ability to adapt to the (albeit, good) stresses of athletics, and an injury has occurred, we are proficient in myriad methods that help to speed the recovery of many types of sports related injuries.

If you’ve got a question about your injury, please give us a call and ask to speak with a doctor.


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