Payment Options

Insurances and Fees

We are happy to work with most insurances.  Each health insurance company writes many different plans, too many, too intricate and too variable to list here with their exact coverage on a given day.

However, rest assured that with:

Great Insurance: If your insurance is a more comprehensive policy, you can expect your out of pocket expense to be between $0 to $65 maximum for a regular office visit, and possibly an additional $125 out of pocket expense on your initial visit if x-rays are required.

More Restrictive Insurance: If your insurance is a more restrictive policy, the maximum out of pocket expense you can expect would be $65 for a regular care visit, plus possibly an additional $125 on your initial visit if it is determined that x-rays are necessary.

No Insurance (Cash): Maximum cash fee for evaluation and x-rays, if needed, is $65, and maximum cash fee for a regular care visit is $65.

Medicare: Please call to speak with us personally so we can review your specific Medicare benefits and give you an exact answer regarding finances.

Auto Accident or On the Job Injury or Personal Injury Case: Please call us to discuss.

Should you look around, you’ll clearly see that our fees are far more accessible than those that are usual and customary for chiropractic care here in Manhattan. We deliver an exceptional level of personal service in a great atmosphere.  A typical visit (other than initial intake, report of findings or instructional) will usually last between 10 to 15 minutes.  We are quite respectful of our busy New Yorkers’ time.

There is no charge for an initial consultation, in which we perform a brief history and brief exam to determine if your specific health concerns might be appropriately addressed with the protocols we offer.

We would never perform any service without discussing it, and its cost with you beforehand, and receiving your approval. We are very respectful around finances, and no one ever receives a bill from “out of nowhere” from us!

Give a call, and discuss your specific health concerns with Dr. Gilbert, and he’ll be able to give you a clear answer of exactly what finances, evaluative services and/or care would look like for you personally.


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