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Neck pain is one of the most common complaints among chiropractic patients. In many cases, this pain stems from problems with the alignment of your spine. We at Central Park West Wellness can diagnose the cause of neck pain and can often care for you effectively with non-invasive chiropractic care. 


Neck Pain Q & A

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What causes neck pain?

The most common causes of neck pain are muscle and ligament strains or sprains, as well as irritation to the nerve roots that pass between the vertebrae in your neck. Other possible causes of neck pain include:

  • Bulging and herniated discs pressing on your spinal cord or nerve roots
  • Poor posture
  • Weak muscles
  • Neck injuries

In some cases, you may have neck pain because of more than one problem. Addressing each of these issues is the best way to ensure long-lasting results.

Why is chiropractic care the right treatment option for neck pain?

Conventional treatments for neck pain include pain killers, anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxers, traction, and even surgery. Unfortunately, none of these conventional treatments do anything to reduce pressure on the nerves, muscles, ligaments, or discs in your neck. These treatments also fail to restore the normal spinal biomechanics of the neck.

Chiropractic care, on the other hand, focuses on restoring these biomechanics, reducing stresses on the neck, and helping your body heal itself.

In addition to being more effective, chiropractic care is also safer for patients with neck pain. Unlike medications and surgery, chiropractic care causes few side effects or complications. It also tends to be more affordable for patients than conventional treatment options.

How does chiropractic care work?

When using chiropractic care to treat neck pain, the chiropractors at Central Park West Wellness begin by analyzing all biomechanical measurements related to your neck. Next, they teach you what you can do to restore normal function to your ligaments, nerves, muscles, bones, and discs. Although bulging discs, herniated discs, and weak postural muscles are particularly resistant to change, they tend to respond well to the spine and disc protocol available from Central Park West Wellness.
How effective is chiropractic care for neck pain?

The chiropractors at Central Park West Wellness have found that classical chiropractic care does a great job of relieving or eliminating neck pain. By teaching you to make changes in your everyday life, this approach to treatment also addresses the underlying cause of your pain, which makes future problems less likely.

More About Neck Pain

The most common causes of neck pain are irritation to the nerve roots that exit between the vertebrae in the neck, as well as muscle, and ligament strains and sprains.Other culprits are the soreness and stiffness resulting from injuries, poor posture, deteriorating posture and weak postural muscles. Another major cause of moderate to severe neck pain are bulging and herniated discs pressing on the nerve roots or spinal cord. Conventional treatments for neck pain run the gamut from mild to strong painkillers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medications, …to soft and hard restrictive collars, traction, heat or cold packs, to surgery. None of these do anything to permanently restore the normal spinal biomechanics of the neck, nor to lessen or eliminate pressure on the discs, ligaments, nerves, and muscles of the neck. Once all the biomechanical measurements are analyzed, we can then begin to teach each patient what they individually should do to restore the normal relationship of the bones, discs, nerves, muscles, and ligaments in their own neck. Patients with bulging or herniated discs or postural muscles that are particularly resistant to change tend to respond very well with the spine and disc protocol that we offer. Classical chiropractic care often does a great job of providing symptom relief or elimination, while we look to teach you what to do to make the deeper correction of the underlying cause.


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