Sinus Issues

The sinuses are air spaces in the front of our head, in the forehead and around the nose. They humidify the air we breathe and add resonance to our voice while also softening any blows to the face. They are lined with mucous membranes. If these membranes become inflamed, as when one has a cold, excessive mucus is produced.The sinuses must be able to adapt to dry and moist environments, as well as heat and cold, and high and low air pressure. Many people who suffer from chronic sinus congestion and recurring sinus infections often rely on antihistamine sprays or tablets and antibiotics. While these help to temporarily relieve the pain, irritation, and congestion, they do not improve the sinuses’ ability to better adapt to the environmental factors above. Nerves stemming from the neck area bring signals from the brain to the sinuses, instructing them in how to adapt to the environment. If due to even subtle displacements of the bones in the neck, the transmission of signals along these nerves is compromised, the sinuses will not have their optimal ability to adapt to the environment and will more easily become infected, inflamed and congested. By aligning these vertebrae in the neck, the conductivity of these nerves can be optimized, thereby fully “connecting” the brain with the sinuses. The result is sinuses that can better drain, have normal amounts of protective mucus and resist infection. If, as we do in our office, appropriate home protocols are taught to the patient to stabilize these spinal bones, then recurrences of these type sinus issues can be minimized or eliminated.

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