Learn to Fix My Own Spine

There are two components involved in fixing imbalances in the neck and spine, …imbalances that have been putting pressure on the nerve system and causing pain, malfunction, decreased mobility and flexibility, and an impaired capacity in the body’s ability to heal itself. One component is the fixation, or “stuckness” of an area or areas in the spine. The other is the weak or imbalanced condition of the supportive muscles, discs and ligaments of the spine and body. We are quite adept at freeing up these stuck areas, but we cannot strengthen, nor balance you! You’ve got to strengthen weak areas and balance muscles whose alignment has gone awry (usually over years of neglect), from repetitive stresses or postural issues.

In utilizing the Pettibon spine and ligament rehabilitative exercises, these maneuvers empower you to fix your own neck and spine rapidly, and to increase your spine’s ability to adapt to daily stressors so that your need of our help in the future is kept minimal. The powerful exercises we teach accomplish things such as restoring the spine’s normal shock absorbing curves, that are usually lost from hours at a computer, carrying backpacks, lying in bed reading, on the couch watching TV, sitting long hours at a desk, or endlessly looking down at our hand held devices. These rehabilitative protocols can also increase disc height, improve the strength and resiliency of spinal ligaments, and balance the muscles on both sides of the neck and spine, making it that much easier for your spine to maintain its ideal alignment. It is never “one size fits all” here at Central Park West Wellness. Each person is meticulously analyzed, and the exercises, type of care, and schedule of care are tailor made to fit, and benefit each individual with regard to their personal condition, history, age and lifestyle. In this way, our focus is always looking to keep you as free nerve pressure as possible so you can have your best ability to heal, prevent health issues and press express your own personal best health.

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