Classical Chiropractic Care


We pride ourselves on offering some of the finest hands on, classical chiropractic spinal adjusting methods, and health insights found anywhere. In our practice, it is not “one size fits all,” and as such we offer several different methods of spinal adjusting (the gentle, opening type mobilizations we utilize) to help reduce or eliminate nerve irritation in order to assist you in having your best ability to heal, prevent health issues and function at your very best. We have been taught, way beyond our required schooling, by the legendary Dr. Pasquale Cerasoli, of Brooklyn, weekly for decades, until his passing at the age of 99, just a few years ago. His wisdom, his skill, his uplifting gifts, we are proud to say, live on through the Chiropractic service we offer in our practice. We acknowledge and are deeply grateful for the transmission of his seemingly infinite awareness of how to live life and care for our people.

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